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If you carry an acorn, you will have continued good luck and a long life.


Oilcloth Bags

Oil Cloth Bags

Our Oil Cloth BagsEach and every one of The Farmer's Wife oil cloth bags are handmade with loving care in the USA with fun reproduction vintage fabrics.They are available in six sizes:

Mini ($15): This bag is fun for ALL ages! Kids love carrying lunches, snacks, toys, etc.

Half-Bag ($25): This ultra-convenient tote is approximately half the size of our medium bag (in height). Women love them when they simply don't want to carry a larger bag. It has pockets inside and a magnetic closure.

Small ($40), Medium ($50), and Large ($60): These bags are great for trips to the farmers market, using them as a gym bag, or for a fun day the beach.

Diaper ($70): Carry those changing supplies in style! Our diaper bag is the same size as the large but we've added three additional pockets (total of six) and it comes with a matching changing mat.

Our Chalkcloth Tote is designed just as our regular bag, but it is made of chalkcloth on the outside and oilcloth in the inside. This design makes it easy to jot down notes on the outside of the bag, or keep a child occupied when they get fussy or bored. Just use your imagination and have fun!

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Oil Cloth Mats

Our Oil Cloth BagsThe Oilcloth Mats and Chalkcloth Mats are designed with kids in mind. When you go to the park or Soccer game you always have a dry, and clean surface to sit on. Sitting on wet grass is never much fun. Food or Soda wipes off clean and easy, and the mats are easily stored under your car seat. They are also great for picnic tables.

You can triple the fun with the Chalkclloth Mat. Kids love them. Keep one on your dining room table and it is guaranteed to keep the children busy! It wipes clean with a damp rag and makes for hours of fun.

The Mats come in four sizes: 45 x 45, 45 x 60, and 45 x 72 inches* and a convenient placemat size. You can pick and choose the fabrics - any pattern on our bags may be brought to life in a mat!

The Chalkcloth Mats were so much that we decided we wanted to carry them with us EVERYWHERE. Thus, the Chalkcloth Placemat was born! These popular placemats have a small pocket, which holds chalk and are made with a variety of reproduction fabrics. They're great for keeping children entertained in restaurants or on car trips.

Oil Cloth Mats (all 3 large sizes): $45
Chalkcloth Mats (all 3 large sizes): $57
Chalkcloth Placemats: $13

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LavendarWe planted our lavender in the summer of 2005 right next to our home. Our friends helped us plant the 1,040 plants, which consisted primarily of Grosso Lavender, with some Irene Doyle. We are now selling our Lavender at the Farmer's Market and to some local florists.

Our products vary, so please give us a call if you'd like to learn more, or visit us at the Farmer's Market! Below are photos of some of the creative lavender products we've produced.



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